Seedspace Nur-Sultan is an entrepreneurship hub for innovation and technology. We welcome a community of entrepreneurs, digital nomads, freelancers and small companies who are looking for an attractive location and a productive environment where ideas are exchanged and new business relationships are created.

Why should you join the Seedspace Community?

Network & Community

Think globally, act locally is our motto. Our strong local community will support you in your day-to-day challenges and goals, while our global network will open your doors to internationalisation.

Expertise & Training

Alone you'll go fast, but together we'll go far. We've partnered with the experts in innovation and technology to cater to your needs and wants in a series of workshops and training programs.

Acceleration Programs

They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds. Are you ready to go to the next level? We will boost your startup's growth through tailored mentoring and in-depth courses.

Access to Investments

Do something that scares you every day! Apply for investment through our global network of investors and venture capitals. We'll do the introductions, you'll do the talking.

Investment Readiness Program

This program has been developed to boost tech startups looking to get ready for fundraising. It will provide you access to a data-driven series of training, mentoring sessions from experts and investors as well as curated insights, all powered by an Artificial Intelligence. When the time comes, you will be connected to Seedstars Investments team and thousands of co-investors in our network, ready to rock!

Join our Coliving Spaces and Private Offices

Work everyday surrounded by entrepreneurs, and be part of Seedstars community by choosing to work from our coworking area, a private office or only our domiciliation services!

Private office

Starting from KZT 114,000/month

Want a little privacy? We offer startups & SMEs a place to call their own whilst staying connected to shared areas.


Want a place to stay? For travellers and digital nomads who want to experience convenient hospitality with the vibrant Seedstars community.

Your perks

Free Coffee/Tea
Access 24/7
Meetings Rooms
Ready-to-use Desks
High Speed Internet
Rest Areas
Seedstars Events
Printer & Scanners
Workshops & Networking Events
Event Space Area
Office Manager
Daily Cleaning

What Seedspace is according to our members

Seedspace allowed us to keep working on our business remotely, with the right environment and resources for our needs. We're really grateful for the opportunity of this enriching experience, connecting with this powerful community.

Ana Donnella, Founder of @SINCOAsesores and Alejandra Segovia, Founder of DogWorld

When I first arrived in Bogotá I immediately started looking for co-working spaces. Seedspace stood out because it has great benefits. That was the deciding factor for me. Awesome internet, networking opportunities, and a location in Medellín. I couldn't ask for a better membership!

Chavis Austin Clark, Web Application Developer and Digital Nomad

Seedspace Nur-Sultan was founded in 2019 and has ever since been offering a wide range of opportunities for small startups, digital nomads, freelancers and other like-minded professionals. From shared desks to private offices, domiciliation and coliving, workshops and networking events, this hub provides much more than just a coworking and coliving space. It is a lifestyle, a community, a state of mind where ideas are born and exchanged, knowledge is acquired and shared, skills are applied and sharpened. In short, this is where the magic happens!

The Meeting Point of Entrepreneurship & Technology

Don't get lost!

Serik is ready to help you


Sauran Street 46, Nur-Sultan


Serik is currently managing Seedspace Nur-Sultan and overseeing all activities of Seedstars in Kazakhstan, working with top industry leaders with their innovation agenda, organising prestigious pitch competitions and advising & mentoring startups. Working in both national and private companies, Serik has experience of being a project manager in digital & organisational transformation, it & engineering projects management and creation of a successful startup.