Startup Membership

Seedspace is the startup campus that will take your startup to the next level!

Apply to get a Startup Membership at Seedspace and benefit from the exclusive Seedstars library and online courses, support in finding talents, awareness towards the whole Seedstars Community and discounts on the most efficient tech tools!

Starting from $180/month

Why join Seedspace with a Startup Membership?


Benefit from Seedstars' expertise of 5-year experience in entrepreneurship and venture building. We know what it takes!


Access a global network of entrepreneurs all around the world and get feedback and awareness on your service/product from the whole community

Startup Hub

Relocate your startup in the biggest entrepreneurs hub in your city!

What is included?

Seedstars Online Courses

Access to our exclusive 10+ online courses from growth hacking to sales, finance, product market fit, built by Seedstars for entrepreneurs

Seedstars Startup Library

Access to our internal library, which gathers 1'000+ references about startups and entrepreneurship. A mine of knowledge for entrepreneurs.

Discounts on online tools

Don't lose time nor money in finding your online tools. Just use our discounts on AWS, Weekdone, Hubspot, etc... and save up to $2'000 a year on the most useful online tools!

Seedstars Online Visibility

We will publish 1 blog post every two months mentioning your startup and we will share your best news through our social media.

Support on finding talents

We will share your job offers through our social media and will organize talent matchmaking events to support you in finding talents for your team to grow!

Investor Day

We will organize an Investor Day every 4 months so that you meet the right persons who might help you secure funding.

A desk at the biggest entrepreneurs hub in your city

You can choose amongst a hot or dedicated desk in the coworking area and a private office to relocate yourself and the team.

Networking events and workshops

Meet the community and increase your knowledge by participating in events and workshops.

Peer-to-peer mentoring

Your mentors will be your peers! We will organize sessions so that you get reviews from your peers. We think that's what works the best!

What is required?

Your startup is less than 2-year old
If your startup has received external funding, it can only be up to US$ 500k
You must have a demonstrable product or service (Minimum Viable Product, MVP)
Your solution needs to be scalable or have the potential to reach the scalability
Your startup must be willing to relocate to the hub for at least 4 months