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seedspace, your gate to Seedstars

Seedspace is the only network of hubs which allows entrepreneurs, co-workers and all change-makers to make a difference in the Emerging Markets through tech and entrepreneurship. 

Not only will seedspace provide you incredible business-ready facilities but it will also connect you with a huge community of 60’000+ stakeholders who will help you achieve your business goals by sharing their expertise and knowledge.



Seedstars Community

Our Community is made of 60’000+ stakeholders in the emerging markets: entrepreneurs, startups, investors, mentors, speakers, corporates, governments & media.

Every year our team scouts for the best talents all around the world: Asia, Africa, Middle East & North Africa, Central & Eastern Europe and Latin America, so that every year new incredible entrepreneurs are joining and start sharing their knowledge and expertise.

When you join Seedspace, you automatically join Seedstars Community and get access to exclusive knowledge, insights, events and qualitative network.

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Benefits and Discounts at our Partners’

Over the years we have built an expensive network of tech-savvy entrepreneurs and larger business around the world.
Not only we believe in sharing this extensive network, we also offer unique partnership opportunities.
Our local and international partners will help you in achieving your business goals.
We have negotiated for members of our Community (including Seedspace members) exclusive discounts on web platforms, SaaS, etc… so that you can start your business AND save money!


Expertise & Mentoring

At Seedspace, we believe that constant improvement and knowledge sharing are key to personal and business development. As part of Seedstars, we hold enormous amounts of know-hows, solutions, best practices for tech startups. We developed ways to share this knowledge.

In addition, the extensive community of experts will help you launch, promote, grow and scale your business to its full potential. You will access our expertise through a series of workshops, training and master class.


Program & Events

As being entrepreneurs ourselves we know that events are essential to networking and are ways to share knowledge and achieve your professional goals. To provide you the best solutions to your entrepreneurial needs, we organize on a regular basis networking events and workshops.

In some of our spaces we have also launched Academy programs to teach entrepreneurship on a full-time basis.

We also welcome our partners’ events in order to increase the Community and the diversity of the people you will meet.

seedspace Cape Town Open Area


Our Spaces are spread across the world. Each Seedspace is your home, office or both. In order to provide all members the richest experience, we wanted to gather very different profiles. That’s why you will find in every space co-working desks, private offices and in some co-living facilities. 

We have designed a unique work environment where entrepreneurs and co-workers will feel at home and supported by friends and experts.  Our members benefit from high-speed Wifi, meeting rooms, relaxing rooms, food & beverages, parking slots, printing facilities.