An Exclusive Tech Entrepreneurial Community

seedspace, your gate to Seedstars

seedspace is the hub which allows the Tech Entrepreneurial Community to make an impact in the world with technology in emerging markets. Built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, we aim to understand your goals and help you reach them, by sharing our expertise, knowledge, connections, in a like-minded people environment.

seedspace Lagos, Nigeria


We are entrepreneurs and have designed Seedspace for entrepreneurs.
We really want to know what you do and help you succeed with your startup. We will regularly talk to you to be updated on your startup current status, goals, challenges.
We value freedom, flexibility, openness, tolerance and professionalism.
Our community of liked minded people is our strength and is why we are continuously expanding Seedspace across the globe.
If you share these values and believe that only through collaboration impact can be achieve, Join us!

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Partners and Network

Over the years we have built and expensive network of tech-savvy entrepreneurs and larger business around the world.
Not only we believe in sharing this extensive network, we also offer unique partnership opportunities.
Our local and international partners will help you and your business.
Our network is unique and worldwide, with our help we can help you find who you need where you need it.

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seedspace believe in constant improvement and knowledge sharing. As part of Seedstars, we hold enormous amounts of know-hows, solutions, best practices for tech startups. We developed ways to share this knowledge.

This extensive community of experts will help you launch, promote and grow your business to it’s full potential. Through series of workshops, training and master class we deliver our expertise.

seedspace Cape Town Open Area


Our Spaces are spread across the world. Each Seedspace is your home, office or both. We have designed a unique work environment where entrepreneurs can feel good and supported.  We provide our members with all the perks of a co-working spaces.