Work, Connect and Learn in a place
where entrepreneurship is a lifestyle

Why seedspace?

A hub with expertise on Growth, Tech and Entrepreneurship


As part of seedstars group, seedstars identity and expertise is all over the places in seedspace. 

You will find there access to experts in Growth, entrepreneurship and technology. If you need assistance in these field for your business, seedspace is the place for it. 

+60,000 Community Members all around the world


Seedspace is the entrepreneurs hub where the collaboration amongst the world’s biggest community of changemakers in emerging markets happens. 

Connected through the app, Seedspace members can talk about their skills, growth tips, startups from all over the world!

An Amazing and Innovative workplace where work feels different


Seedstars has always been turned toward the future. In Seedspace we try our best to be part of the future of work and learning: we believe that supposed work efficiency shouldn’t be framed in a boring office and strict working hours.

That’s why we created innovative workplaces for all independent workers, freelancers, remote employees or small teams where work can finally have a better feeling.

Our Different Offers


Enjoy co-working with two different options: hot and dedicated desk. All very flexible!

Private Offices

Small companies and startups will find a place to host their activities at Seedspace.

Meeting Rooms & Events Areas

As an employee, an entrepreneur or a freelance you might need to have meetings or hold an event for your business. You are welcome to do it at seedspace!


As a part of the redefinition of work, seedspace extends to co-living to offer travellers, employees on business trips, and entrepreneurs to be part of the seedspace adventure 100%!

Where can I find seedspace?

Seedspace has opened in Geneva, Lagos, Abidjan, Cape Town, Cairo and Casablanca. Three seedspace are currently in the making in Tehran, Bogota and Medellin. Seedspace will open 10 more locations to be announced soon during the year 2018.

In the meantime, seedspace has partnered with great coworking spaces to offer you the best.

There is no seedspace in your city?

We have a solution for you to still be able to benefit from Seedstars Community and expertise!

You can choose to attend events all over the world or network on the Community app without being in a physical space.